ARISTOCAT BENGAL Cattery strives for the look of an Exotic Wild Leopard, but still keeping the loving, outgoing disposition of a domestic cat.  Our cattery specializes in teaching our Bengal Leopards Obedience and Manners.  All of our  Bengal Leopards  know 15 or more commands. 
                    Exotic Bengal Leopards
 Aristocat Bengal Cattery is a NC based breeder, of Exotic Bengal Leopards.  Right now we have Bengal Leopard kittens for sale that are Brown and Black rosetted, and also Snow Bengal Leopard kittens.  We are a responsible, loving, family owned cattery and a member of TICA (The International Cat Association).  Our Bengal Leopards are the classic Brown and Black Rosetted, Lynx Point Snows, Mink Snows, Charcoal Leopards, and Silver Bengals.  All of our Bengal Leopards have ultra soft silky pelts (fur) that are covered with gold glitter. 
    Our Exotic Bengal Leopards are BIG! We have some of the largest Bengal kittens you will find. Our adult females are usually 14 to 20 pounds.  Our males average 20 to 35 pounds. Our Bengal Leopards are always two to three times the National average. Yet they are more than just large Leopards, they are part of our family, and raised like our children.  All of our adults have their own rooms for sleeping, and raising their children. Although, they still have free run of the house during the day.  
    WE NEVER CAGE OUR BENGAL ADULTS, OR OUR BENGAL KITTENS!  They are trained and socialized from an early age to interact together, and with people.  We deliver every Bengal kitten, and we bottle feed and burp our babies every two hours around the clock, till they are four to six weeks old. This help the kittens to see the human as a mother figure, not just the Bengal.  The Bengal mother also nurses her babies from birth.  Our Bengal Leopard mothers and fathers both take part in raising  their young.  As the Bengal kittens get older, they interact with other Bengals in our home.  We work together as a family unit to create a stimulating, loving environment for all our Bengal children. When  you  select one of our Bengal kittens for sale, you get the best we can offer.
    Bengal Leopards are far more intelligent than any other breed of cat.  Bengals are capable of being trained to learn 30 or more  commands in several languages. Training is a great way to build social skills, as well as prevent potential behavior problems. All of our Bengal kittens for sale receive Obedience Training and they are taught good Manners.  Our Bengal Leopards learn 12-15 commands in three languages, such as:

            SIT                                     NO
            JUMP                                COME
            SHAKE HAND                  STAY    
            GET IT                              Up & Down
            BRING IT                          IN & OUT
           GO NITE NITE                   GO PEE PEE   

    Our Exotic Bengal Leopards are Big, beautiful, obedient, intelligent, and very protective of their families.  They are also social, and have outgoing personalities.  We are very selective with the Bengals used in our breeding program.  We strive to produce Bengal Leopard kittens for sale with the best characteristics of the breed, and the Exotic look of the Wild Asian Leopard.

"After dark all cats are Leopards"   
              ---Native American Proverb
Contact Us:
Deborah Tiganila 
Greater Charlotte Area
North Carolina, USA

Phone: 704-567-0010 (9AM-9PM EST)
Email: [email protected]
Choice Selection

We strive to breed for large size, beauty, health, temperament and intelligence.  We work with our Bengal Leopard's training on a daily basis.  When you purchase a Bengal kitten from Aristocat Bengal you get the best we can offer.
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"Where The Bengal is King"
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Some of our Bengal Leopards playing in their Outdoor Enclosure that we custom designed for them.  There are walkways, heated houses and they cannot get out of this enclosure.
The best of the best, our  Exotic Wild Asian Leopard, Queen Nirvana.
We also have 3 American Shorthair females for adoption(Adults for sale page).