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Deborah Tiganila 
Greater Charlotte Area
North Carolina, USA

Phone: 704-567-0010 (9:00AM to 9:00PM)
Email: [email protected]

Queen Violet     DOB  May 30, 2022
King Thunder    DOB  April 02, 2016
We have 3 American Shorthair females for adoption.
This sweet American Shorthair Cat Heidi and her sibling Ebony came into our lives around nine months ago. I received a call from a lady crying on the phone. She begged me to take her two cats. She stated her husband abused her, and tried to kill her. She took some clothes and her two cats and ran away to Charlotte,NC. Once she arrived in Charlotte,she was living out of her car. Finally a Shelter for Abused Women agreed to take her in, and help her. Although,the cats were not allowed. She was living out of her car at that time, and it was a terrible situation. My heart went out to her, and I agreed to take the cats for up to a month. In order to do this I had to give up an entire room, just for them. We bought their food, vitamins, cat tree and toys. The lady visited them three times, and then I could not get in touch with her. She disappeared, and no one knew if she was dead or alive. 
During this time Ebony had a babygirl, Luna. We did not even know she was pregnant when we took her into our home. So now we have three cats. We have had them wormed and given them all their shots. Plus they have had complete physicals and been spayed. We have spent out of pocket over $500 for each of these cat. Although we are only asking for $50 for each of them. They are all very sweet, and I am sending home around $100 worth of items with each one of them. I am sending wet and dry food, vitamins, scratchers and toys. I am willing to do this, to find them all good homes. They deserve loving families just like people. I cannot continue to keep them, because I breed Bengal Leopards. I need the room they are using for my own Bengals. If you are interested, and want to help them, please call me and set up an appointment. Come visit these beautiful furry children, and hopefully you will fall in Love. 
DOB Aug, 2022
DOB Aug, 2022
DOB July, 2023